Our Process

Product Development

  • Structuring
  • Research
  • Project Management of Product Launch
    • PPM
    • Offering Material
    • Sub Docs
    • LPA

Due Diligence

  • 3rd Party Reports
    • Mick & Associates
    • FactRight
    • Mercer
    • Buttonwood
  • DD Questionnaires
  • Upfront & Ongoing DD
  • Ongoing Oversight


  • Additional Layer of Oversight
    • Four Series 24 Held
    • Advertising Oversight
    • Marketing Material Oversight


  • Communications
  • Messaging / Copy
  • Website / SEO
  • DD / Marketing Events
  • PR / Positioning
  • Fulfillment


  • Distribution
  • Education
  • National Accounts

Client Relations

  • Support
  • Updates
  • Platforms
  • Custodians

Ascendant Cares

At Ascendant Capital, success is not defined by one’s status or salary, but by one’s impact on the world. With deep roots in the Austin area, we recognize that our greatest asset is our community, and our greatest investments are those we make in our neighbors. Our team is committed to supporting and empowering our community through Ascendant Cares, an office-wide volunteer program that serves the greater Austin area through quarterly donation drives, semi-annual volunteer programs, semi-annual wellness events and countless charity contributions. In addition to those company-sponsored events, Ascendant employees contribute service every year. Check out a few of the amazing non-profits that have won our time, dollars and hearts this year.