Our Process

Product Development

  • Structuring
  • Research
  • Project Management of Product Launch
    • PPM
    • Offering Material
    • Sub Docs
    • LPA

Due Diligence

  • 3rd Party Reports
    • Mick & Associates
    • FactRight
    • Mercer
    • Buttonwood
  • DD Questionnaires
  • Upfront & Ongoing DD
  • Ongoing Oversight


  • Additional Layer of Oversight
    • Four Series 24 Held
    • Advertising Oversight
    • Marketing Material Oversight


  • Communications
  • Messaging / Copy
  • Website / SEO
  • DD / Marketing Events
  • PR / Positioning
  • Fulfillment


  • Distribution
  • Education
  • National Accounts

Client Relations

  • Support
  • Updates
  • Platforms
  • Custodians

Client Relations Associate

Reports to: Director of Client Relations
Department: Client Relations
Job Type: Entry Level
Location: Austin, TX

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Work with our transfer agent to verify and reconcile all pending trades received throughout any given month, and ensure timely release of funds to GPB upon the admit date
  • Work with our selling group, transfer agent, and custodians to correct paperwork issues and resolve pending trade issues
  • Create and distribute daily sales reporting internally tracking monthly raises and leaderboards for all products using Excel and Outlook
  • Responsible for incoming calls and service requests via email from investors and advisors. All calls and emails must be responded to same day
  • Run monthly reports from our transfer agents’ databases that detail outstanding distributions to investors.
  • Run semi-monthly reports tracking pending transfers for investors and advisors for asset movement or re-registration
  • Manage departmental inbox and direct flow of requests received while ensuring same day response to any email received
  • Departmental and Project Overflow
  • Follow-up on any pending departmental requests with applicable parties to ensure timely execution
  • Logging of fulfilled or pending service requests in Salesforce for another department to follow-up per the outlined workflows, and completion of tasks for departmental efficiency and analysis
  • Provide sales and investor relations support to all offshore investors and introducing dealers investing through any of the Cayman funds
  • Identify potential sales leads and create opportunities for the sales team based on incoming calls or queries from the field and identify the territory to direct the lead


  • NIGO paperwork addressed with advisor within 24 hours of receipt
  • Funding with no paperwork identified within 48 hours of receipt
  • Admit reports confirmed and recorded by 1st Friday of each following month
  • Ensure client relations line is answered within 2 rings and that proper greeting and direction are used
  • Ensure all voicemails are responded to same day and for managing voicemail to alert public of office closure when applicable
  • New subscriptions logged in commission software and report sent to Ascendant team by noon the day following receipt of subscriptions from administrator
  • Daily subscriptions and dashboard reports to team which are aesthetically pleasing, accurate and easy to read and understand
  • Established back office contact for all advisor offices
  • Call to every advisor whose investor has called in
  • Aim to respond to service requests within an hour, but check in no later than close of business with an update or alert that service request is still being handled and provide updated timeframe expectation