At Ascendant Capital, we are committed to understanding the needs of the market. We partner with GPB Capital to create differentiated strategies to meet these needs.

We consult, structure, market, and service these strategies, working to ensure that our clients and partners receive a high-level of investment quality and service.

Seasoned Professionals

Our team consists of experienced, industry professionals that are committed to serving financial advisors and their investors.

Industry Expertise

We listen to the market, what advisors need, and partner with originators that build unique, income-producing offerings in alignment with market demands.

Educational Resources

Our industry experts regularly provide their perspective on their focus sectors. We also hold regional due diligence events where inquiring firms and related parties can learn about our operations as well as the structuring of GPB Capital’s private offerings.

Commitment to the Industry

We are engaged in many industry conferences and tradeshows, allowing us continued interaction with our clients and peers, and frequently speak at industry engagements on relevant investment topics.

“We have an undying commitment to get it right. That’s why our clients put their trust in us.”

Jeffry Schneider (right) and David Gentile (left).

Leaders in Our Capital Markets

Joseph Dattolo*

Managing Director

Mano Fanopoulos*

Managing Director

Mark Engelbrecht*

Managing Director

Pisoot Senethavilay*


Ralph Rudolph*


Trevor Carney*


*Registered Representative of Ascendant Alternative Strategies, LLC.