Exclusive Distribution
Partner of GPB Capital

GPB Capital is a New York-based alternative asset management firm focusing on acquiring income-producing private companies.

The firm provides their portfolio companies the strategic planning, managerial insight, and capital needed to enable strong businesses to work toward the next level of growth and sustainability. Ascendant Capital is proud to be GPB Capital’s exclusive distribution partner.

GPB Capital’s access to proprietary deal flow combined with the firm’s long-standing personal relationships with business owners, creates distinctive transactions. GPB Capital aims to develop investor-friendly structures that enable investors to own businesses which generate steady cash flows with the following strategies:

GPB Capital seeks to acquire income-producing, middle-market companies that compete in several industries.

The firm’s strategy teams spend their time and expertise evaluating potential investment opportunities, focusing on companies that fit four main criteria:

  • 1. Current and Sustainable Yield
  • 2. Recession Resilient
  • 3. Proven Operating Teams
  • 4. High Barriers to Entry

Want to Learn More About GPB Capital?

Visit the GPB Capital website to learn more about the firm’s private offerings and strategies.